Is Orchid Bistro Coming to the Island?

Orchid Bistro is Coming to the Island

The Orchid Bistro instagram has been dropping some hints about a new location on the island

Almost there... All for you! #newlocation #comingsoon #ontheisland #theorchidbistro #theorchidbistroexpress 🍽

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I really hope it's right beside Brown's Cafe for maximum petty.

The bar's going to be LIT... erally! #newlocation #comingsoon #ontheisland #theorchidbistro #theorchidbistroexpress 🍷🍸

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XO Bakery Opens Up in BLD

We really want to try XO but they keep popping at places we really don't want to be at. First, at DUE and now, at BLD. After the comment section on the BLD turned into a shitshow, I'd rather set myself on fire than step foot in that place.

If you have no such beef, you should check it out because Chef Alex is a pretty pleasant guy.


Nigerian Restaurant Owners Aren't as Bad as This Guy


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