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Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: My boyfriend’s birthday is next week and I plan to take him to dinner. Kindly assist with restaurants on the island preferably VI, Ikoyi. Budget is 10 to 17k (blame recession). A intimate setting would be cool too.
— Judi O

NOSA: Is that budget per head or total?

If per head,

If combined,

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi Guys,

My dad’s birthday is coming up this Saturday and we’ve been cracking our heads on where to take him for a nice birthday dinner. Looking for great ambience, excellent cuisine and of course, good pricing. Looking at Island/Lekki/Ikoyi locations. We are going to be about 10-15 persons in number.

What do you recommend? I hear Shiro is nice but pricey...Anyways looking forward to your recommendation!

— Boxx

NOSA: I feel like we're responding to this very late. But if it's not too late, check out 1415

FOLLY: Shiro is good. The food isn't as good as 1415 but the ambience makes up for it. 

Subject: Graduating dinner

Message: Hi am looking for a good restaurant to have my grad dinner. 7 to 8k per head on food n cocktail. Good food and good service.
— FS

NOSA: How many people? Either way, try Insignia

FOLLY: Or BL Restaurant.

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