Ethnique is Open For Business

Every week, we'll share fun food-related stories we find and we hear. We don't have a name for it yet lol.

Ethnique is Open for Business

There's a new Nigerian restaurant in Ikoyi - Ethnique. Word on the street is that it's run by a former Yellow Chili partner.


Coral Blue Has Closed Shop

After years of trying to kill nice Nigerians, it looks like Coral Blue has closed shop.

We know someone out there is happy with the news.


The Nuli Juice Lounge is Getting Rebuilt

After Ambode ruined her gorgeous store, we really thought the Nuli lady would pack it up and call it a day in Lagos. But she didn't and it appears the store is coming back to life in another location.

Congrats, Ms Amaka. Can't wait to visit when it's done.

Nuli 2-1 Lagos


The Picture that Broke Our Twitter

We got invited to thing at Culinary Academy by Maggi and we took this picture.

Chef Tiyan was giving us some lessons on food plating so it wasn't really a "meal", but the internet doesn't really care for context.


Zero interest in context.

Stop being razz, my fellow Nigerians.


The African Young Chefs Competition 2017

Speaking of Chef Tiyan, this is happening. It's like Eurovision meets Top Chef.


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