EDL Weekender: Epic Mac & Cheese, Drinks in the Garden, and Yoga

EAT: Mac & Cheese at HSE Gourmet Cafe

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NOSA: Probably the most delicious thing you'll eat all weekend. I think I had tears in my eyes when I had it. Just that good.

FOLLY: I'm lactose intolerant and I risked it ALL for this and I'll do it again. 


DRINK: Cocktails at NOK Garden


NOSA: A bit pricey, but the cocktails at the NOK Garden are amazeballs. Especially the Lagosians one.

FOLLY: The Lagosians is both sweet and strong so it sneaks up on you. Try it this weekend. Ps. that's not the Lagosians pictured, that's the Gidi Scent, which also a great choice. 


LAGOS: Art of Living


Yoga for Health & Happiness

EMEKA: Early morning yoga in the park and its free! 

Time:  7:00AM - 10:00AM
Fee: Free
Location: Park in C-Block, 1004 Apartments, Victoria Island

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