Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXXIV

Subject: Craft beer/Microbrewery in Lagos

Message: Hi,

I was wondering why isn’t there any craft beer or microbrewery in Lagos...? If there is one - where is it?
— V.J

Subject: Craft beer/Microbrewery in Lagos

FOLLY: HI there, None that I'm aware of.

NOSA: Yeah, I have no idea. I've met a couple of guys working on home-brew projects, but no established one.

Subject: Ask Eat Drink Lagos: Pesto

Message: Hi, Where can I get the best pesto pasta dish in Lagos?
— J.F

FOLLY: La Verandah

NOSA: I think Talindo tbh. Their pesto was really pesto-y.

Subject: Family lunch next saturday

Message: Hi,
Your blog is very edutaining, thanks for this wonderful service.
I am not great at things like this so I ask for your help in recommending a spot for family lunch next saturday (11/2). This coincides with my son’s birthday, he’s going to be 6 & his brother is 3. We live around Ajah.
Many thanks
— V.L

FOLLY: Perfect question for our bot. Just let it know your preferred location and price range and it'll give you a range of suggestions.