Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXXVI

Subject: Football Is Life...

Message: Where in Lagos can I go to watch a football match with atmosphere and lots of TV? Anywhere in Lagos...
— S.M

FOLLY: Pat's Bar.

NOSA: Normally, I'd say Pat's but since we went to the Adrenaline Bar in Four Points, I'm thinking they're a better vibe. Pat's Bar regulars prefer rugby anyway.

Subject: Solo Meals

Message: Hi, can you please suggest any restaurants where I can have take myself to dinner alone with nice ambience and decently priced good food? VI/Lekki area. Thank you.
— E.M


NOSA: What she said.

Good Day,

Please would like to make enquiries.

Urgently looking for a place I can have dinner for 50people that is not more than 2000-2500 per head.

Kindly make recommendations on mainland and island locations.

— J.U

FOLLY: Is this a joke?


FOLLY: Invite them to your house and order small chops. 

NOSA: On a serious note, your budget is way too small.

Subject: Pizza dough

Message: Good day. Please where can I get or order good pizza dough in lagos? By the way I love the job you do here. It’s simply amazing. I hope to hear from you soon.
— K.N

FOLLY: It may not be "good" but Park and Shop has ready formed and baked pizza dough in different sizes in their bakery section. You just top it with your desired toppings, cheese, tomato sauce etc and bake.

NOSA: I've seen pizza dough in the freezer section of Delis. I don't know if they still have it, but I saw it one day.

Subject: My mum 60th birthday

Message: My siblings and i want to take my mum out for dinner for her 60th birthday. We want a place where we can get happy birthday and a cupcake on her plate for her and also somewhere with good food. Good view. Our budget is 7 to 10k per head.
— F.S

FOLLY: If you're mum is a warm-blooded middle-aged Nigerian woman, she likes Chinese food. So take her to RED at Eko Hotel. If your family is a bit more adventurous try BL Restaurant. And if you're not into risk taking AT ALL, Crust & Cream gat you.


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