Thirsty Thursday: Beach is Better Recipe(2).png

FOLLY: I think everyone already makes this cocktail without realizing it's an actually recipe with a name and not just cranberry-vodka.

NOSA: Most people never get the mix right, to be fair. Especially Lagos bartenders.

FOLLY: Next time you want to give it a go, add some grapefruit juice to give the drink just a little tang. 


  1. 1-part Absolut Vodka
  2. 3-part grapefruit juice
  3. 1-part cranberry juice
  4. 1 lime wheel

How to make 

  1. Fill a highball glass with cubes
  2. Pour in your Absolut
  3. Pour in your grapefruit juice
  4. Pour in your cranberry juice
  5. Stir lightly
  6. Give your lime wheel a squeeze and drop it into the glass