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Subject: SOS

Message: Hi,

A neighbour is planning a proposal to his girl this weekend. He has made a short clip that he will like to play while at a restaurant. Please can you suggest nice restaurants in V.I. or Lekki, that has television, and will be open to playing ‘outside media’. Grateful for the assistance in restaurant selection and any contact with the restaurant that could help with playing the clip.
— J.I

FOLLY: Sao Cafe. 

NOSA: Sao would actually be really down for that. RSVP would be game to help with your proposal, but they don't have TVs.

Subject: Spaces for Bridal shower

Message: Hi guys! We’re planning a bridal shower for a friend and looking for a space for 20-25 people with good ambience and food preferably not more than 8/10k per head....any recommendations please? Or do you also know other spaces in Lagos preferably VI/Ikoyi that we can use?? Thank you muchooo
— O.O

FOLLY: Crust & Cream. La Brioche.

NOSA: 20 people won't fit in La Brioche. Just go with Crust & Cream.

Subject: Saturday Lunch Buffet

Message: Hello,

My friend (who lives abroad) is having a small registry wedding in Lagos, and would like to host 10 friends to lunch after the ceremony. Her budget is N10,000.00 per head (plus drinks), and I have suggested doing a Saturday lunch buffet.

Can you please suggest some suitable venues on the Island, so we don’t have to travel too far from the registry.

Thanks a million.
— D.L

NOSA:  I'm guessing it's the Ikoyi registry.

FOLLY: Southern Sun or The George are both more expensive than N10,000 but are in the Ikoyi area. 

NOSA: Crust & Cream has a pretty cheap buffet if you don't mid strolling into VI.

Subject: Romantic Dinner

Message: Hi, love your blog. Which restaurant can you recommend for an intimate romantic dinner on the island?
— F.C

NOSA: Uptown, in Avenue Suites.

FOLLY: Sky Restaurant.

Subject: Restaurant(s) that offer delivery services .

Message: Hey guys, You guys are doing a great job.

I’m having difficulties finding decent restaurant(s) that do home deliveries . Can you help me with any?

— I.I

FOLLY: It's actually easier to name the restaurants that don't deliver as most do. Have you tried Jumia Food?