The Eat.Drink.Lagos Guide to Valentine's Day 2017

FOLLY: Valentine's Day 2017 is almost here and Lagos restaurants have turned on surge pricing, and so have florists! I went to order flowers for my aunt who so happens to be born on Valentine's Day and I was told that year flowers on Valentine's Day are just more expensive because everyone increases their price. In fact, I was told one particular arrangement would cost as much as N250,000.

Anyway, as it is our custom, we've compiled a list to help guide your Valentine's Day dinner date decision... 

Budget: < ₦ 4,000


NOSA: It's not too late to get on the gelato date wave. It's pocket friendly and a lot more fun than your regular ice cream date. Perfect if you just started seeing your date and don't want to get too serious.


FOLLY: Valentine's Day breakfast anyone? If you can't make if there on Tuesday because of work, I guess you could push it to Saturday. That said, if I was your WCW I won't be down for that.



Budget: ₦ 4,000 - ₦ 10,000


NOSA: The Mac n' Cheese at HSE will change your life. You might even see a vision of St. Valentine himself.  


FOLLY: It's rice and stew but Jamaican style, so you can stay within our Nigerian comfort zone while still feeling a bit adventurous. 



Budget: ₦ 10,000 - ₦ 16,000


NOSA: The lasagne here is to die for and is one of the best in Lagos, second only to Vellvett's lobster and shrimp iteration. 


FOLLY: For BL, this budget just accounts for two mains and a starter to share. If you or your date don't feel like trying the eastern European dishes, stick to the pasta, as they also make that really well. 



Budget: > ₦ 16,000


NOSA: Shiro has one of the most gorgeous restaurant interiors in Lagos right now with the most expensive entree to boot. The wagyu costs a pretty penny, but if you're already here for Valentine's you might as well splurge.


FOLLY: We can't deny that VI gets all the best restaurants, but if you're not trying to travel from Ikeja to VI for dinner, this is the best option. On the flipside, VI people who really would like to try CUT, there's no better reason than "vals".