Old Delis Is Back as D Cafe


NOSA: I feel weird calling them D Cafe. The name is not just razz, but the other guys aren’t deserving of the “Delis” name. 

FOLLY: I agree, the name is razz 

NOSA: In some ways, it’s an upgrade. Not the name sha, but the space is significantly nicer than their old digs. The parking is dog poop compared what they had and considering Delis doesn’t have great parking, you can just imagine how bad it is. The menu is a lot uglier and the prices are a bit higher. I guess someone has to pay for all this new shit.


Anyway, I ordered the ribs with side of mashed potatoes while Folly got the salmon with a side of herbed pasta

FOLLY: The salmon was salmon nothing special per say. I did like that that the top was breaded and the skin side was crispy  


NOSA: After much thought, I think i prefer my salmon cold. And thinly sliced. And in a bagel with cream cheese. Anything else is not for me, but that's probably because I think fish, on the whole, is boring as hell.

On a random note: I heard that if you're really popping in Lagos, you make your fish stew with Norwegian salmon. 


NOSA: I probably should not have gone with the mash. The wedges might have been a better idea. The mash tastes nice but had so many clumps in it. 

FOLLY: The garlic buttery pasta was definitely a good choice. A bit salty at times but it complemented my main well


NOSA: The ribs were pretty good, but absolutely did not taste how much it cost. If I can get ribs that taste similar for a significant fraction of the cost, like a quarter, what is the justification for this? Look, maybe I’m reacting this way because my week has been long, but this shit makes no sense.

FOLLY: The prices are wild, I couldn’t believe how much everything came to when the bill was presented 


NOSA: Maybe my memory is failing me, but i do not remember it being this expensive in their old place. 


NOSA: Rant aside, D Cafe has lost no step from when it was still called Delis. Good, not great, but better than most. It's priced like its better than most though. I like it, but maybe i'll get a salad next time because their mains don't present value for money.




Salmon - N10,000

Ribs - N14,000