Maggi Kitchen Battle at #EatDrinkFestivalFOUR

We've been doing this internet thing for three years and no one has offered us a TV show.  If we were in America, we'd be on our tenth season of "Folly & Nosa Take Lagos". You people are slacking o!

Anyway, we've taken matters into our hands and on our main stage this Tuesday, we'll have our own show.


We're excited to announce the Maggi Kitchen Battle, which is probably our single best idea ever after the Festival.

Formally trained chefs will be meet facing off against bloggers/hobbyist chefs. It's such an intriguing topic of discussion in the local culinary scene and you know we like things like this.


The idea was largely inspired by Iron Chef so there might be a couple of elements that regular Iron Chef viewers will be familiar with and also our desire to try out new things with #EatDrinkFestival.

battle 2.jpg

We don't want to reveal what exactly the contestants will be cooking until the day of but it's all Nigerian food because that creates the biggest debates amongst us so we want to keep things interesting. At the same time, who pesto don help?

To start things off, Chef Jeff will be facing off against Zoey Blaq at 1 pm
Next up is Chef Ben and Ozoz of Kitchen Butterfly at 3 pm
Then to round things off, we have Chef Imoteda and Adaobi of Dobby's Kitchen at 5 pm

Seating to watch the Maggi Kitchen Battle's will be first come, first served though,  standing room is available too. All the action will be taking place inside the marque at the venue and on the map, it's the Festival Main Stage.