Taxify at #EatDrinkFestival

After three events, one of our biggest challenges has been traffic/parking. We've moved from venue to venue and at no point has it seemed like it was getting better. This has firmly led us to a conclusion: Lagos.

It's not us, it's Lagos. Blame Lagos for everything.

Just because we're blaming Lagos doesn't mean we aren't going to give fixing it a shot. We have to keep trying and that's why this year, Taxify is one of our big partners.

Up to N2000 off your trip to the festival with code eatdrinkFestival(1).png

Up to N2000 off. To or from the Festival.

With December, comes the unbelievable traffic. There's a picture floating around the Nigerian Internet of a traffic jam after the Festival last year. We couldn't believe how bad it was until we saw that picture. That's why we feel this is one of the more strategic partnerships we've embarked on. 

Our idea is to leverage on the Taxify platform to clear out the streets somewhat. If a group of friends come in one ride, we reduce the number of cars on the street from 4 to 1. Oh, you also don't have to assign a designated driver so you can get your drink on proper. Wins all around.

The code is also available to both new and existing users. Most companies offer discount codes to new users only because discounts are an acquisition, not retention, strategy. While that's good for these companies, it's not for us. Most of our guests have ride sharing apps installed so we don't really get to see any value. We "demoed" this to some success at JOLLOF in the summer and we're ready to go all in for the Festival.

If you don't have the Taxify app,  you can get it now:

To enter the promo code,

  1. Open the Taxify App
  2. Click the menu button
  3. Select "Promotions"
  4. Enter code
  5. PROFIT!

#EatDrinkFestival is on December 26, 2017 (12pm - 8pm) at The Dorchester (Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island).

See you there!