Food Shack Works for Late Drink-Fueled Binges


NOSA: The first time we checked out Food Shack was about a couple weeks from their open date. I got served the hardest ribs I’ve ever eaten in my life. The absolute worst. I think that was after our Sugarcane review so I think we just decided to allow the review for another day. Don’t need all that bad energy. 

FOLLY: I didn't get food if I remember correctly because everything kept not being available when I placed an order.

NOSA: The second time, we waited for damn near an hour and only our drinks were ready. They had to go shop for stuff or something. Either way, we just casually picked our stuff and went on our merry way. 

FOLLY: We didn't get drinks, till we got up and started walking out. The drinks materialized on our way out but we'd had enough and we were already on our feet.

NOSA: After that, I mentally blanked the place.

FOLLY: Didn't need that negativity in our lives.

NOSA: Well, until last weekend. Surely, it had improved. 

FOLLY: Let's not drag this out, it hasn't

NOSA: A couple things had changed since our last visit. The menu seemed fully formed, which is a good thing. In the first couple of months, restaurants usually play around with things until they find a winning formula. I guess this was it for Food Shack. 

FOLLY: Also, the indoor space. That wasn’t there the last time we visited. 

The Zaddy Burger 

The Zaddy Burger 

NOSA: Just because some things had changed doesn’t mean I was going to make the same mistakes though. Definitely didn’t order the ribs. Fooling me once is enough. Got a burger instead. The Zaddy Burger, to be specific.  Folly, too. She had the Shack Burger. We also added some Chicken Tenders to start.  

FOLLY: In true Food Shack fashion, my first two selections were not available in fact their entire breakfast menu that they serve exclusively on weekends was not available on a weekend..WELP

The Shack Burger????

The Shack Burger????

NOSA: The waiter decided that we obviously had no clue what to order so he brought us a burger of his choice. An off-menu burger because there was no burger on the menu that had a fried egg in it. 

FOLLY: Or chef. I really don't know who is to bleme here

NOSA: My burger was pretty weak. The patty was like one of those Chi ones they sell in Nigerian grocery stores. That’s great if you are inviting a couple of people over for a cookout. Not great if you’re charging people legal tender for it.

NOSA: As for Folly, well, she didn’t eat her burger at all. 

FOLLY: It tasted gross, I couldn't stand the weird pink sauce and nothing in it went together well. I really couldn't power through and eat it because I started feeling nauseated very quickly.

NOSA: Saying there’s no difference between what I got and Mr. Biggs burger would be unfair, as well as harsh. BUT, the suggestion does have some merit. 

FOLLY: It tasted like a cheap burger that was made with a pre-formed frozen patty. 

NOSA: It’s a weak burger, but not an expensive one. So you might let it slide until you realize you can get a significantly better burger at BBQ & Cravings for about the same price. But then again, you’re not driving all the way to Greater Lekki so maybe it evens out. 

FOLLY: No, it does not.


NOSA: The chicken tenders were the best thing we got on the day and that, too, had its issues. Tasted like they fried it in “old oil”. You know when Nigerian cooks fry plantain, but instead of trashing the left over oil, they keep it in the pan and hide it in the oven?


Yeah, that oil. 

FOLLY: I had two but then the old oil got too overwhelming for me. 

NOSA: Maybe it's because they catered a Christmas party the night before. Might explain it all. 

FOLLY: You might be wondering why we're bringing that up or know that at all. Our waiter told us that was the reason why their breakfast menu wasn't available.


NOSA: It’s a meh for me. With enough alcohol in the system, you might allow it. Oh, I heard the drinks are pretty good.

FOLLY: It's a no from me. 

NOSA: The packaging and their overall branding are fantastic. Shouts to them on that. 




Zaddy Burger - N3000

Shack Burger - N2900

Shack Tenders - N2400



Terrible. Non existent.