The Dirty Politician is a Monument to Greed


NOSA: Since the blog started, I believe we have written about BBQ & Cravings more times than any other spot. This little tidbit is pretty hilarious considering I said this in the postscript of our first ever BBQ & Cravings review:

For what it is, BBQ Cravings is pretty quality. If you come in here without the expectations I had, this place is perfect. It’s not the typical experience, which is a plus. Personally, this won’t be a place I frequent regularly. Perhaps you will, but I won’t crave their BBQ enough to drive to 3rd roundabout
— 2015 Nosa

FOLLY: I didn't have any strong feelings like Nosa. I didn't go to school in Texas and experience authentic BBQ, I was just happy to be able to eat rice that wasn't at home.

NOSA: Two years later, my feelings have changed greatly. I’ve come to admire the reclusive nature of the establishment.  It’s not often that you’ll find me venturing into Greater Lekki, but every now and again, I will for BBQ & Cravings. I still don’t like that the BBQ ribs aren’t as tender as I prefer them, but that’s their style and I respect it. Olumide, the owner, has more or less done this thing on his own terms. If you want to join the party, you must seek it out and not the other way round. 


NOSA: We stopped by BBQ & Cravings over the weekend to check out the latest additions to the menu - Aunty Sade burger, Ali Burger, Nina HH burger, and the Dirty Politician. The first two burgers weren’t available on the day so we settled for the Nina HH burger and the Dirty Politician.

The Dirty Politician

The Dirty Politician

NOSA: Before I go any further, I should probably mention the fish… it’s fantastic.

FOLLY: We had that another day we visited.


NOSA: The Dirty Politician is BBQ & Cravings spin on loaded fries and boy, is it great. This might be the most sinful thing I’ve ever encountered on a plate in Lagos. Excuse my hyperbole, but I was mightily impressed by it. 

FOLLY: Yeah, it's pretty overwhelming. What I liked the most were the pockets of ground beef and jalapenos. I would have preferred less of the "orange sauce"

NOSA: I wish it had some more jalapeños and a whole lot of cheese. Like, A WHOLE LOT.  If Olumide ever stumbles on this post, I hope he adds a cheese option. Call it the “Dirty Nosa” even. 


NOSA: The Nina HH was the other thing we tried. Beef patty, slow-cooked oxtail, mozzarella, caramelized onions, strawberry jam, and salsa. All of that between two buns. If you haven’t guessed by now, but greed is a running theme here. 

The oxtail is bit faint and gets easily overpowered by the beef + jam.

FOLLY: You actually don't taste all the individual elements unless you deconstruct like I did. Together it all works really well too, I just wanted to take it apart to 'understand' the individual components. 

The NinaHH Burger

The NinaHH Burger

NOSA: The jam was a great touch for me. That whole sweet and savory thing works very well. 

FOLLY: Funny, cause I thought Nosa would hate the jam. 

NOSA: It might be the cheat code for all burgers. Just add a hint of sweet and it goes from a regular burger to something serious.  



NOSA: Yeah, my stance on BBQ & Cravings has changed. It took me two years, but I guess I’m here now. 

FOLLY: BBQ & Cravings is home to one of the best burgers in Lagos.




Dirty Politician - N3500

NinaHH - N4000



Can take about 10-15 cars, but getting out might be a struggle