EDL Weekender: Fitness and Pop-Ups All Weekend

For the loaf of food.png

NOSA: November is going by at an unreal pace and that can only mean one thing: #EatDrinkFestival is around the corner. We "announced" our title partner this week (Stanbic IBTC) and introduced the festival's little brand revamp (image on your right). Next week, we'll kick into overdrive as far as announcements and promotions go, but this was a little something we couldn't hold back. After years of Canva-ing our way through life, we finally got serious with it and I think that'll be a running theme with Festival this year. We're trying to play with the big boys so we must do big boy things.

Anyway, this week's playlist is a bunch of random songs I've liked on my SoundCloud. Had a real epic Apple Music playlist for this week, but Apple is being weird and not letting me embed anymore. Might have to take my talents elsewhere. SMH


EAT: Pop Up Station

r! Everyone is welcome, members and non-members. This month, our mixer is sponsored by Chivas @chivasregalng and Pop Up Station will be hosted by @tizzlesgotg.
— Workstation

NOSA: I haven't been to one of these Workstation pop-ups, but it's looking like they're here to stay. Might have to "branch" this one tonight for the free Chivas, at least.


DRINK: Thank NOK It's Friday

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 2.24.18 PM.jpeg

NOSA: #TGIF or Thank NOK It’s Friday? Either way, NOK is doing the usual Friday thing tonight. If you’ve had a rough week like we have, you should come out and get the platter.


LAGOS: Fitness Everywhere

EMEKA: Two festivals in the same location!! Looking forward to the new recipes for this vegetarian life i'm trending towards & the Assault Obstacle Course!

NOSA: I'd go, but Bodyline membership is too expensive to not use it every goddamn day.