EDL Weekender: Grilled Fish @ BBQ & Cravings

NOSA: Long week etc etc. #EatDrinkFestival registrations are open. The Festival is back and it'll be on Boxing Day this year. I think, going forward, we're just going to go with the 26th as our day. I get Boxing Day is a family day, but you've been reading our blog for 3 years so we're basically your family too. Come spend time with us. 

Anyway, if you've ever wanted to be a vendor at our festival, please fill out the form HERE.

Also, the playlist is back this week. Folly handled Weekender last week so jams, but I'm back and everything is back to normal.

EAT: Grilled Fish @ BBQ & Cravings


NOSA: BBQ & Cravings added fish to their menu and made an event out of it. In the Sidewalk post, I talked about how fish and beer joints will never not be profitable in Lagos. I'm testing that theory again tonight.


EAT: Croque Monsieur @ RSVP

I expected it to be quality, but I was still surprised by how well it looked when my plate came. I’ve had the same thing at La Brioche and it wasn’t as impressive as this. Or maybe it was the Croque Madam I had at La Brioche. Either way, RSVP’s Croque Monsieur is a feast for the eyes.
— Nosa

EAT: Meat Up Turkey & Chips

NOSA: We focused a lot on the shawarma for our review, but the shawarma isn't the best thing at Meat Up. It's the turkey and it's not even close.


LAGOS: ALKEBULAN Festival 2017

A L K E B U L A N -: meaning “Mother of Mankind” is the original indigenous name for the continent now known as Africa. The ALKEBULAN Festival is a celebration of our heritage and culture and is intended as a platform to express our quest for economic independence through the creative process and a reconnection with our original identity.

EMEKA: Really looking forward to the palmwine, traditional wrestling, and the live music sessions in the evening. 

NOSA: It's N1000 for regular tickets, N500 for students, and completely free for kids. For more deets, check out the website.

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