The All-New Brunch Menu at RSVP


NOSA: RSVP recently went through a thorough menu revamp. A very "Buy Nigerian" revamp. We reviewed the main menu on the blog not too long ago. A bit of a sidenote, is 'Buy Nigerian to Grow the Naira" our version of "TOTAL BREXIT!"? A well-meaning, but ultimately flawed, nationalist campaign.

FOLLY: You're going to have to explain that cause I don't get it. Is the Buy Nigerian that is flawed or Brexit? Please clarify sir

NOSA: Both. For more hot takes, you'll have to meet me in real life.

Anyway,  I digress.

We checked out the new brunch menu at RSVP over the weekend. Unlike our normal reviews, there'll be no "Damage" section because we lost the receipt. You guys will just have to manage.


NOSA: The brunch menu has gone through a thorough rejig.

FOLLY: Its lost like half of the items. 

NOSA: Out go a couple old staples like the Shakshuka and in come a couple new entrants like the Croque Monsieur. The pancakes are still there, but on the whole, it's a trimmer menu.

I got the Croque Monsieur as my main.


FOLLY: Technically, I got the Croque Monsieur for Nosa. 

NOSA: I expected it to be quality, but I was still surprised by how well it looked when my plate came. I've had the same thing at La Brioche and it wasn't as impressive as this. Or maybe it was the Croque Madam I had at La Brioche. Either way, RSVP's Croque Monsieur is a feast for the eyes.


NOSA: Oh, and it tastes just as good. The sourdough, I think, was excellent and the cheese was generous. My lactose intolerant friend, Folly, kept trying to pinch out of mine.

FOLLY: It was so good, and again for the record, I ordered it for you since I couldn't have it because of all the cheese. I need to find out who baked that bread and keep them in my kitchen as a "bread slave". 

NOSA: Next time, don't be a terrible order-er


FOLLY: I had some very meaty omelet - the exact name escapes me right now. It had bacon, ham, and sausage.

NOSA: Folly's omelette has Chi sausage in it. I understand "Buy Nigerian to Grow the Naira", but this is taking it too far. We need to draw the line somewhere. If you're going to price like it's not Nigerian, it better not be Nigerian.


FOLLY: The sausage was very disappointing, the menu indicated it was going to be a pork sausage. The eggs, on the other hand, were pretty fluffy and not dense and overcooked. I wasn't paying attention so I didn't know it was to be served with a salad - an odd pairing if you ask me.   



NOSA: I can see why RSVP rejigged the menu. Things started to get a bit stale and the consistency of service was on the decline. More importantly, the "it's not worth the money" claims started to ring true.

FOLLY: The Next thing should be the drinks menu, hopefully. RSVP's bar is one of the best in Lagos and we're about ready for some new flavours.

NOSA: The new menu is a step in the right direction basically.