A Jameson Connects Postmortem

This was our first Jameson event so we didn’t know what to really expect from Jameson Connects.  We were familiar with the Nigerian Railway Compound because of our Jollof event, but not The Old Running Shed. A couple friends mentioned it was pretty dusty and dingy at another event so we weren’t expecting much. Jameson proved us wrong on so many levels. The brand embed was absolutely unreal.

The best bit was definitely the food train, for obvious reasons. They had a couple of vendors nestled in old train. About as alté as it gets. One of the vendors, Rainbow Puff-Puff, had Jameson infused puff-puff and Hans & René had a palm wine sorbet also.

The music was definitely the best bit. We’ve talked about Show Dem Camp a couple times on the blog, but you really haven’t heard their Palm Wine Music EP until you’ve heard it live. It’s absolutely amazing. They brought out a couple friends too: BOJ, Funbi, Tomi Thomas and Odunsi.

Anyway, if you missed out, we have a couple pictures from the day.