The Eat.Drink.Lagos Guide to Lagos Restaurant Week 2017

Lagos Restaurant Week is here again. Whoop!

For three weeks in November, participating restaurants in Lagos will be offering prix fixe lunches and dinners for Visa customers as part of Visa Restaurant Week

In its third year, Lost In Lagos seems to have finally gotten a hang of things. From the menus, the restaurants are a bit more into it this year unlike last year. There are still some delinquents, but it's a lot better on the whole. One big change, however, is the sponsor. Out goes MasterCard and in comes Visa. Seems minor, but considering how Nigerian card industry is largely dominated by MasterCard, it might be a challenge to actually get people into it. Lucky for us, we have a Visa card to work with.

If you need to rush to open an account with a bank that issues Visa cards, there are a handful to choose from including Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Standard Chartered, and UBA.


How Lagos Restaurant Week Works


An important note so you don't find yourself shocked when the bill arrives: VAT, Service and Drinks are not included in the prix fixe. Also, payment must be with a VISA card or mVISA, where available, only


Best Lunch Menu

BL Restaurant - Nosa

NOSA: Before you people fight me about my choice, I want to make it abundantly clear that I love Lebanese food.

Johnny Rockets - Folly

FOLLY: Yeah I disagree with Nosa. This menu just has a bunch of Lebanese food that I can't pronounce. Johnny Rockets is my favorite lunch menu of the lot.


Best Dinner Menu

Shiro - Nosa & Folly

FOLLY: I think it's pretty obvious that Shiro's management put a lot of conscious effort into design this menu. Because I've been to Shiro a number of times, I can see that they have created a menu that allows the diner to enjoy. The essence of Shiro in a single meal.

NOSA: I think I did a double take when I saw this menu. Like that confused white guy meme.

NOSA: That's a 5-course dinner for N12,000. If you've been to Shiro, you should know how unreal this menu is. An absolute steal.


Restaurant Week Bargain

Hard Rock Cafe (Lunch) - Nosa

NOSA: If you're feeling really greedy, the Hard Rock lunch menu is the one.

NOSA: On a good day, that's setting you back 15-20k. No doubt about it.


THE CUT - Folly

FOLLY: Has to be Cut for me. First, the menu has a good range of starters. Then the mains themselves would ordinarily alone set you back N8000 - N10,000. Finally, dessert isn't just ice cream or fruit salad.


Worst Menu

NOSA: Has to be Bonzai

FOLLY: Behind all the fancy names, the main option is rice and beef/chicken stew with spring rolls and cake for starter and dessert. For N12,000.

NOSA: How on earth is Bonzai in the fine dining category? What manner of #COKEDREAMS?

FOLLY: Now, do you agree with me that CUT's menu is a bargain?

NOSA: Anyway, you can check out all the menus HERE. Lagos Restaurant Week starts today!