Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 105: A UNILAG Challenge

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Subject: I Lay Down A Challenge

Message: Hi peoples! Okay so it’s 3am and I’m up reading for exams and for some reason I ended up on your blog because I like fancy food and not everytime jollof rice. Anyway whatever that’s besides the point. So here’s a little introduction: I’m a 300 level student of UNILAG. And I was thinking, you know what would be hilariously awesome? If you guys came to UNILAG and did a review of some of the ‘restaurants’ here. Oh my goodness, I don’t know if it’s because I’m sleep deprived but it’s just such a funny image in my head. Okay okay so on the slim chance you decide to do this, here are some places you should check out:

1. Mavise at Red Bricks (might as well get their jollof rice, it’s basically the only thing they have going for them and even that is... It’s not great)
2. Blessed foods at Red Bricks (I’m sure my taste buds aren’t as refined as yours but their ofada sauce is the gospel truth! I mean, for one thing, it’s red and not brown so there’s that. But lol if you thought you’d gotten bad service before, hahahahahahaha)
3. Yeah these are the only places I can think of right now but if you feel like being adventurous on your trip, feel free to explore.

So the catch of the challenge is you have to eat at, at least, three places. And then if you do, you get bragging rights. Which is a very nice thing to have.
You could also check out some street vendors: Korede’s spaghetti at Sports Center is slightly above basic though it gets a little heavy on the spice. Mr David’s Indomie at Moremi is also a choice.
Oh and while I have your attention (hopefully you didn’t dismiss me as some crazy person and delete this message), could you do a post on foods people can actually eat like on a weekly basis. Like something other than: rice, rice, bread, rice, yam, rice, rice, spaghetti.

Okay that is all, thank you!
— Jemima

NOSA: Challenge... accepted?

But will I get food poisoning after this?

FOLLY: I'm totally and completely down for this. 

Subject: Eat out dilema

Message: Hi Guys,

I am a huge fan of your blog. It helps me with my “research” when my wife tells me “Its your turn to sort out date night”.

So, she placed this task on my head once more but I need to get a place to have a buffet for 6-7 people for a budget of N5000 per head this evening.

I am really in a pickle, Please can you help out with a place around Victoria Island and Lekki.

I would really appreciate it guys.

— AA
Hotel Bon Voyage

Hotel Bon Voyage

NOSA: Hotel Bon Voyage is the closest one to your budget.

There's another place on Karimu Kotun, but I forget what it's called.

FOLLY: It's called Monty Buffet. 

Subject: Sunday Buffet

Message: Hello, I am an avid reader and follower of your blog. What is your recommendation for Sunday buffet on the mainland for 20 people with a budget of 5000 or 6000 per head. Its for the parents surprise wedding anniversary. Thank You.
— CE

NOSA: Per our Buffet Guide, there's nothing we know that fits your budget. Maybe someone can offer some options in the comments.

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