EDL Weekender: Halloween in Lagos?

NOSA: The other day, I found out Niniola calls herself the "Queen of Nigerian House" and it got me thinking about how House is slowly becoming a thing in Lagos. It's certainly taken a lot longer than I expected. When I moved back, I fully expected all the DC repats to have transported Current to Lagos.  Better late than never, I guess.

Anyway, it's Halloween weekend. Here's all the things you should be getting up to.

EAT: Meat Up Shawarma


NOSA: A couple of people recommended this shawarma to me. Thanks for the tip, guys. You were all right. This is the best shawarma in Lagos.


DRINK (???): Plant Planet Nice Cream


NOSA: So, we got Nice Cream from Plant Planet this week. It's definitely not for me, but you Fit Fam buffs might like it. The texture is just so so weird and grainy.

FOLLY: I liked the nice cream. It tasted pretty darn close to a Cinnabon, which was the flavor we chose. As I'm lactose intolerant it felt really good to know that I was eating something that wasn't bad for me.

NOSA: So yeah, FitFam, you got this one.


LAGOS: Thank NOK It's Friday


NOK x Fashion Week-04.jpg

NOSA: Haven’t made plans for Friday night? NOK is doing a thing. This Friday, NOK by Alara invites you to another edition of Thank NOK its Friday (TNIF). It’s been a minute since NOK did this so it’s coming at the perfect time because this week has been looooooong.


Just a lil’ rocks in the NOK garden to cure all the stress from work. The NOK Garden menu will be out in full effect, with the Shared Platter too. If you’re out tomorrow, you have to get the Lagosians by the way. Easily the best drink on the menu.

And if your week has been long like ours, you deserve it. 

Whether it’s work stress or you needing a break from Fashion Week, Thank Nok Its Friday should be a fun night out.


LAGOS: MovieNic



EMEKA: Get outside this October with a picnic and a movie. Bring a bottle, food, and a blanket.

Also, bring some games. Don't have games? See someone playing?

Join them!


BONUS: Halloween in Lagos

Haunted House NG Presents Babalawo's Secret Dungeon


Looking for something exciting to do this #October? Love scary movies and cheap thrills? . In this truly immersive experience, you’ll explore, solve puzzles and interact with the house to find your way out! . For one day only, come experience our amazing professional scare actors, our team of professional make up artists, our realistic costumes, bone chilling special effects, movie quality sets and the heart pounding scares that make the Haunted House Nigeria the place to visit this and every October!!!
— Nothing to Do in Lagos

NOSA: Emeka mentioned this to Folly and I the other day.  Great idea, but yeah, absolutely NOT for me. I don't play with the scary stuff abeg.


90's Baby Kickback (The Halloween Special)


NOSA: A couple of years ago, this would have absolutely been my thing. I used to be a SXSW regular and absolutely loved live music. Then, I moved to Lagos and the traffic kicked all of that out of me. I'm fully a Get Off My Lawn adult now. If I wasn't, however, I'd totally hit this up. Looks like a vibe.

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