Plant Planet Expands Healthy Options in Lekki


NOSA: Plant Planet is nestled in a cute little space across from the IMAX in Lekki. By “cute”, I mean it’s pretty little. By “pretty little”, I mean it can only seat two people. It’s not an entirely bad thing because they have a delivery service. And also, rent is too damn high in Lagos.

FOLLY: Way too high. 

NOSA: The salad bar isn’t the most exhaustive, but it suffices. There are a couple things I expected but didn’t find.

FOLLY: I understand what Nosa was saying because I struggled to pick my 4 toppings, it seemed like everything was a variation of the other. I wouldn't have minded some grapes/raisins because I love a little bit of sweet in my salad. 

NOSA: They had a limited selection of greens. It might have been by design now that I think about it a little more.


FOLLY: I think that they have more on other days because the attendant said: "for today we have just lettuce". I think my favorite thing about the salad was the sweet potato balls - they were a bit lemony and herby.


The chicken was also SOLID. You can probably tell from the picture that it was not devoid of flavour. 

NOSA: Anyway, I got my salad in a wrap. Oh, and they had guacamole, which is a huge plus for me. I really liked the wrap. Close to excellent, in fact, which goes back to my point about the limited salad bar being intentional.

FOLLY: I was pretty jealous of Nosa's wrap. It was glorious. I never thought a wrap without cheese and even more so a healthy wrap without cheese could taste so good. I think the secret is the guacamole dressing. 

The salad could be improved my shredding the chicken so when the salad is tossed the chicken can be adequately distributed. This is important because Plant Planet doesn't offer knives. 


NOSA: Nice cream is definitely not for me. The texture is just so so weird and grainy. Fat is not the worst thing in the world abeg. Just walk across the street to Hans & Rene and get your life.


FOLLY: I liked the nice cream. It tasted pretty darn close to a Cinnabon which was the flavor we chose. As I'm lactose intolerant it felt really good to know that I was eating something that wasn't bad for me.


If you're curious at the how it's made. It's churned coconut milk sweetened with stevia. 



NOSA: If I had the money, I’d invest in Plant Planet because I really think they’re on to something. A bigger space would go a long way.

FOLLY: I absolutely loved it.





Salad - N2000

Wrap - N2000

Nice Cream - N500



They have more parking than they could ever need.