Soi 13 is Lagos' Newest Thai Restaurant


NOSA: When Insignia (nee Bar Campione) changed ownership, it didn’t just spawn one restaurant. It birthed three - Public House, Soi 13, and Shams

Soi 13 is the Thai offshoot and probably the most gorgeous of the lot. The interior is so tastefully done.

FOLLY: For the umpteenth time on this blog, Folly loves Thai food but Nosa doesn't care for it. We went to a Thai place cause I was curious and Nosa has an obligation to follow me. 

NOSA: And yet, she won't go to any Indian place.

FOLLY: Honestly, I found the menu a wee bit drab in terms of Thai offerings.The most exciting part was the appetizers menu. For mains, it is curry, pad thai or some stir-fry. 

 With that in mind, we decided to go heavy on appetizers and order a wide variety and split a main.

FOLLY: The mixed appetizers is a steal because at N4500 you get chicken satay, prawn toast, fish cake, and spring rolls at the price of what will be the individual price of one of these items. We also added on a portion of calamari tempura. 

Nosa is always on his phone

Nosa is always on his phone

The calamari tempura is the puff puff looking thing on the left

The calamari tempura is the puff puff looking thing on the left

NOSA: It seems like a steal, until you realize it's a platter full of their most boring appetizers

FOLLY: Tempura should be flaky and crispy. I hate it when it's smooth, dense and oily. Most Lagos restaurants miss the mark on this and Soi 13 was no exception. 

NOSA: Was this even tempura at all? Minor fun fact: Tempura is actually a Portuguese thing but the Japanese made it popular.

FOLLY: The appetizer platter was a good deal and that was about it for me. It didn't wow me at all. The only thing I enjoyed was the chicken satay. The fish cake looked too much like akara for me to get past the first bite, the prawn toast was eggy, and the spring roll was bland. 


NOSA: I think the prawn toast was the best of the lot. The chicken satay was a bit on the safe side so it's great as an entry point to Thai. The spring roll, too, gets a pass.

FOLLY: We split a chicken pad thai for our main. When the waiter placed it on the table, Nosa and I were very wary because of how soggy and soft the noodles looked. This was a first because I am very used to drier looking noodles. 

NOSA: Pad Thai or Pad Indomie?

FOLLY: The texture was much different than I'm used to but it still tasted like a pad thai. Not the best I've had in Lagos - that's ThaiThai and not the second best either that's Orchid House. Soi 13 is a comfortable third. 


NOSA: I don't even think it's third. Pattaya's is much better. The chicken was unbelievably tasteless too.


FOLLY: The best thing about Soi 13 is probably the ambiance. If you're looking for a spot for drinks with your friends and aren't too fussed for food, this is where you should go. I had a sweet and very well balanced cocktail (vodka + passionfruit + vanilla) served in the most interesting setup. I also think the service here is really good, the waiter was polite, present and knowledgeable. 



FOLLY: I'd go back for drinks. 

NOSA: Definitely for the drinks.





Mixed Appetizer - N4500

Calamari Tempura - N4500

Pad Thai Chicken - N4000




The off street parking has the most uncomfortable set up ever.