EDL Weekender: Seun Kuti at The Shrine

EAT: Rice at Home & Anu Bello's Gizdodo Recipe


FOLLY: If your January salary has still not shown, for you, there is rice at home. 

NOSA: January salary hasn't come for some, while I've almost run through mine. Lawl.


EAT THIS TOO: Something New at Toasties!


FOLLY: If you have the budget, you should check out Toasties!. I love that the owner keeps innovating and adding new items to the menu but still sticking to her original essence.

NOSA: While some people are building Subway clones in Lagos...

FOLLY: I totally see her having one of those fully fledged sandwich (or toasties as she calls it) shop with a 100 sandwiches on the menu that becomes a local treasure. 

NOSA: If I had spare cash, I'd definitely invest. Imagine a Toasties chain.


LAGOS: Seun Kuti & The Egypt 80 (Live in Concert) 

seun kuti.jpg
Feel so good to be back. Feel so good to be back at the Africa shrine. I missed all my fans and can’t wait to light the place up. Revolutionary music is back on Saturday 28, 2017.

EMEKA*: It's his first show of the year, and you know he'll have a lot to say about the current condition of Nigeria, and the new president of the USA. It's going to be an all night groove! The show usually starts by 11:30PM

Time: 10:00PM - Till the Beat Stops
Fee: N500
Location: New Afrika Shrine, 1 NERDC Road, Agidigbim Alausa Ikeja.