Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXXIV

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Subject: Birthday Party

Message: Hey guys, I’m a loyal reader of the blog :) and I’m not sure if you guys still do the ask sessions so I decided to just email anyways. So basically, I’m looking for a place to have a party, like a restaurant with sort of a space and I’m wondering if you guys could help. Like for example, I’ve heard of people having parties over at spice route or NOK and I was wondering if there are more places like that that you guys are aware of?
Thank you!!
— IO

NOSA:  A party party or just a party? 

Pattaya has a private space on the first floor, which could work. Oh, and in the same space, there's Lotus.

FOLLY: Yeah, Spice Route is usually my top reccomendation for things like this. 

Subject: Anniversary

Message: Hello guys. Stumbled on your blog two years too late as my social life has become non existent. However better late than never and im sure with your help il come alive again....😁😁😁

So its my anniversary in two weeks and we’l hv been married for 4years and 2kids and i feel like ts been ages since i got my grove on. Especially bcz i dont even know whats in and whats not. Please save a sister. I dont mind spending but we have school fees to pay next week so im on a budget.
— B

NOSA: Romance on a budget, eh? If you really want to hack it, check out Talindo but only order pasta or chicken.  

FOLLY: Have you been to Crust & Cream? 

NOSA: Another option is the Bon Voyage buffet if a buffet is what you like. 

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