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Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hi guys Ok so my birthday fell on a monday but i was unable to celebrate. So a couple of my friends and i want to go out to eat on a saturday night. Please recommend a place where 20 people can go without making reservations with good music good food and side attractions. Everyone is paying for their food so no budget but a place with large portion sizes will be best and somewhere i can bring in cake, anywhere on the mainland and island is fine. I was thinking Hard rock Cafe. I’d like to know what other suggestions you have. Thanks
— DA

NOSA: Hard Rock is actually a good pick for what you want. Rhapsody is a close second but they definitely don’t have the portion sizes you want. 

FOLLY: You would actually have to make a reservation for Hard Rock because they get very busy on Fridays. 

Subject: Restaurant Review

Message: Hi guys. I love reading your blog. It’s informative and inspiring. I like you guys to visit Ocean Basket. They have a branch on the island mainland. Kind regards,
— A.S.
Subject: Surprise Dinner- Casual Yet Classy

Message: Hey! The Skinny Foodie here! :) I am organizing a surprise birthday dinner for a friend of mine. Will like a venue that is casual but classy...some place we can eat good affordable (emphasis on that, say like 6k per head inclusive of drinks) food and stick kick off our shoes and have a nice relaxing time. Looking at about 25 people...30 max. Gracias!
— KU

NOSA: 6k plus drinks? Crust & Cream, perhaps. But it’ll be more drink than drinks.

FOLLY: Certain menu items at Casa Lydia would work but non-alcoholic drinks. 

Subject: Hosting awards and dinner night

Message: Good day. Pls we plan on hosting awards and dinner night. I’ll like you to suggest an hotel or any nice place that offers buffet @ 5-7k per head for 150 people.
— KS

FOLLY: Honestly, you should talk to an event planner or go into the hotels to talk to them yourself. The amount that they charge for regular diners is very different than the amount that they charge for catering functions, so any price guidance that we give from our experience in the hotel's restaurant is moot in this context. 

NOSA: Bon Voyage jumps out but I don’t think they’re big enough. So, maybe a Lekki hotel like Lilygate or you can go with Eko Hotel if you’re willing to up your budget a little.

Subject: Meeting Venue

Message: Hi, I work for a multinational in Nigeria. Our global CEO would be visiting Nigeria on the 6th and 7th of October. We would like her to have dinner with staff. Could you please suggest a place that has a good mix of Nigerian and Continental food with lovely ambience for about 25people? Thank you.
— KD

NOSA: The only place you’ll get decent “Nigerian & Continental” is probably a hotel. That said, I’ll go with Four Points or The George.

FOLLY: Terra Kulture ?

Subject: Drinks with a good friend

Message: HI, so I’m to link up with a good friend I haven’t seen in years. Looking for somewhere in lekki 1 with a budget of 5k a’side, it being just drinks. Abe Igi is out of it...somewhere calm without a crowd, rooftop or enclosed spaces work too. Cheers!
— TO

NOSA: Sao Cafe. Lilygate. The Orchard.

FOLLY: Sao Cafe. Bar Bar. Churchill.