Like Food, Hustle Brings People Together...

One of our sponsors from our the #EatDrinkFestival last month, WorkStation, have done a bit of reflection and wrote this little piece on the festival from their perspective. 

There were 31 vendors at the second edition of #EatDrinkFestival and it was inspiring to watch them do what they love – Workstation went round to ask why they chose this form of hustle.

From also speaking to guests, it was clear - self-employment, side hustling and freelancing are rapidly growing as Millennials are devoted to projects that could be the next best thing.


In Lagos, maximizing productivity is not an easy feat for anyone. The cost of a secured office space, reliable internet service and electricity are some of the challenges to be faced. The options are one, set up your laptop at a restaurant/coffee shop or pay for an expensive office space.

For an inexpensive option with benefits of an office life, co-working spaces are the new wave in Lagos. These group office spaces combine the modern services of an office (reliable internet, printing, conference rooms, etc.) with a lush community experience. And it’s all about the vibes for ideas to come to life right? With a range of prices and plans, members can reserve workspaces at somewhat affordable rates. 


At Workstation, to co work means to have a diverse network of positively driven coworkers who are eager to share knowledge and experience to assist your business when required. This collaborative energy presents priceless networking opportunities. Besides, professional banter is essential. In addition to learning from fellow workers; coworking spaces host sessions to train members on useful skills for a growing business in the 21st century. Coworking spaces also partner with organizations and initiatives; like digital and financial agencies to facilitate growth of member companies.

Understanding your work ethic will help decide where to set up a laptop and plug in your earphones. However, the perks of being part of a coworking community and utilizing the resources could be important to the growth of your business. So what are you going to do now? 


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