Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXV

FOLLY: A friend of mine said we should stop doing this that they are boring cause people keep asking the same question. What do y'all think? Quit it or leave it?

NOSA: Imagine an app that answered all these questions.

Subject: Information

Message: Hello,
I work for an NGO and we intend to host our volunteers (150) to a cocktail party.
Could you help me with venues- that can provide food as well, to host the event.
Our budget : N500,000.
Thank you for your assistance.
— B.E

FOLLY: Social Place

NOSA: I don't know if RED can take 150 people, but for 500k, you *might* be able to score a pretty decent deal.

Or maybe you could do Social Place + Caterer

Subject: Where to have dinner.

Message: Hello,

I would like to know where i can get a decent restaurant for dinner on the mainland and on an affordable budget.

Thank you
— R.G

FOLLY: How affordable is affordable? I don't know your budget so I can't recommend what is affordable to you. However, on the mainland I like Orchid House Thai in Apapa.  

Subject: My wife’s birthday buffet

Message: Good morning, please I want to take my wife out today as her b day is during the week, she wants to go to a buffet. Please what do you advice? It is my wife, son and myself.
I want a nice and fancy place.
— B.A

FOLLY: I generally wouldn't recommend a buffet because buffets in Lagos are neither nice or fancy. If I had to, however, either the Wheatbaker in Ikoyi or Four Points in Oniru.

NOSA: Wheatbaker, definitely. 

Message: Hi!

Im planning my 21st Birthday And I’m looking for a restaurant that has a private room. Could you please suggest some to me ?

Thank you.
— A.A

FOLLY: I think you should get a private chef like Chef Imoteda or Chef Benedict to make dinner for your party, then you can do it at a private venue. They'd probably have some suggestions for locations too. 

NOSA: Imoteda - info[at]hitkitchen[dot]com

Benedict - benedictokuzu[at]gmail[dot]com

Subject: Taking my parents out for their wedding anniversary

Message: Where can I take my parents out to eat for their wedding anniversary celebration on the mainland? Somewhere classy but also fair to the pockets 😬😬, budget is about 20000k for 3 people. P.S they have already over sited the crockpot and yellow chilli restaurant. Thanks in advance 😊
— V.G

FOLLY: The interior of the Chinese restaurant on Isaac John is really nice but it's out of that budget as it's quite pricey. If you're willing to go to Apapa, Orchid House very homey and the food is great but it doesn't come across as fancy. 

NOSA: Or Orchid Bistro.

Subject: Birthday DINNER

Message: Hihi,

I am throwing my friend a surprise birthday party on the 20th of this month.Could you please help me with an amazing place with space,good food and great ambience...Errrrr budget is 5 - 7k per head.
Many thanks
— S.O

FOLLY: If this is for lunch, Craft Gourmet. If this is for dinner, maybe Casper & Gambini's.

Subject: Dinner venues

Message: Please can you give me names of restaurants in Lagos both on the mainland and the island that have buffet services not more than 5k per head
— O.L

FOLLY: The only hotel buffet I've come across in Lagos that is N5k or less is the one at Bon Voyage Hotel in VI.

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a nice place to take someone out on a Friday night date - essentially a pre-club move where we can eat beforehand, vibe/dance and wait for the club to get live. Any lounges with good music, decent to good food, a nice view and a bit of dancing? I’ve heard of Fahrenheit and also heard of Sky Lounge. What are your guys’ opinions? Anonymous please!
— Anon

FOLLY: There's no dancing at Eko Hotel Rooftop (the rooftop patio of sky lounge) but it'll be perfect, trust me. 

NOSA: The patio area at Hard Rock Cafe.

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hi team,

I’m trying to organise a surprise 30th birthday dinner for my bestie who is also nearly my birthday mate :)

The celebrant loves African food while nearly 90% of the rest of us prefer Chinese or Thai.

I’m looking at 25-30 guests and budget is 5-7k per head minus drinks.

Anywhere on the Island or Ikeja should be fine, please help with suggestions.
— O.A

FOLLY: If this is about the celebrant, y'all should go to Yellow Chilli. 

NOSA: If you really don't care about the celebrant, try RED in Eko Hotel for Chinese or Pattaya for Thai

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hey, looking for an affordable place with very nice food to host a birthday dinner.
— T.D

FOLLY: Not enough information here to make an informed recommendation, I'm sorry. On a whim, however, I'd recommend La Veranda at The Blowfish. 

I have been given the assignment at work to organise a place where we can have a send forth for a colleague who is leaving. Preferably a nice quiet place (the person in question is older than most) where we can have good food and talk as well. About 30 people. Appreciate your help.

— Tee A

NOSA:  1415, in Eko Signature, has a little "private" area/section in it. If the person is older, this will definitely be idea