#EatDrinkFestival 2.0: How Does PayWithCapture Work?

When we started planning this year's festival, we made the early decision that all our partners must be helping us solve some sort of problem. Following the "there's no change" issues of last year, PayWithCapture fit perfectly as type partner we wanted.  In their words, "PayWithCapture is an innovative payment solution for businesses and consumers in the African market".

Why Use PayWithCapture?

Anyway, enough of the marketing talk. Today, we'll explain how the app actually works.

Setting Up PayWithCapture

First, you need to download the app from your device's app store

Set up is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is fill in some personal details, set your password, and security code.

When you're all registered, go into "Settings" and link your payment method. Either an Access Bank account, a debit/credit card from any bank (local or international), or both.

Once your payment methods are linked, you are good to go

How To Pay With PayWithCapture?

At the festival, the vendors will have a physical PayWithCapture QR Code. Like this,

Open up the sidebar menu on the PayWithCapture app, select“Pay Merchants” , and then tap “Quick Pay” . Under "Quick Pay", select “Scan and Pay”. Your phone’s camera should open up for you to scan the QR Code.

At the prompt to pay, you enter the amount you wish to pay, description (optional) and select a payment method. The payment methods are:

  • Card
  • Account
  • Safe (wallet), or
  • You can split payment between two methods

Once you review your transaction, tap “Pay now” to complete the payment. Simple stuff.

Now, what if you have no camera? Or the payment line is just too long? Worry not. You can pay alternatively by selecting "Pay Merchant by ID". The merchant's ID is listed on the QR Code sign. 


Review the transaction, select payment type, then tap “Pay now” to complete the payment. Et voilà! You have paid with capture. 

And since the PayWithCapture team is really kind, they are providing complimentary wifi at the venue, so if your mobile phone provider decides July 17th is not their day, it will still be your day. Just don't bring your MacBook to update your OS.