EDL Weekender: Eat All You Want This Weekend

EAT: Nosa's Other Favorite Lasagne in Lagos

NOSA: You can't get lasagne at lots of places in Lagos to be fair, but that doesn't matter here. La Veranda has my second favourite lasagne in Lagos. Almost forgot how much I loved it until yesterday. Vellvett turned my head for a little bit, but dinner last night made me remember how much I love Veranda's lasagne. 


FOLLY: It's also at a more affordable price point than Vellvett. The Blowfish Group needs to get rid of Purple or at lest re-invent it - like they did Piccolo Mondo - cause it's the only stain on their metaphorical white, as all the other restaurants in their group are fab. 


DRINK: Social Hour @ Scratch

NOSA: A nail studio with cocktails? Mad. This must be like the female version of Barbar so best believe I'm in there. Every Friday, from 5 - 9 pm, Scratch has N1000 cocktails and I hear this is a proper rocks. So yeah, this is what I'm doing this evening.

FOLLY: Ugg I already had plans for free manicure at ANOTHER nail salon, but I guess I could come here from there.  

NOSA: Speaking of rocks, Folly needs to update 234.rocks

FOLLY: Yes, boss. 


LAGOS: MovieNic. Picnic: 5:00 PM; Movie: 7:15 PM

EMEKA (NTDIL): It's always a chill way to end the month. We will be watching "City of God" under the stars. Don't forget to Bring a bottle & blanket. We will also have food and drink vendors. Entrance is free is you RSVP here or on the NTDIL app. Entrance is N1,000 without RSVP. RSVP Closes July 30th.


BONUS: 500 Dishes Food Fest

NOSA: So the guys at 500 Dishes have a food festival this weekend. It's like an "all you can eat" thing. You pay a flat fee and you get to eat as much as you want. Kinda like a big ass buffet. We get lots of "Where can i eat buffet?" emails, so this should be up your alley.