Work Lunches: Eat Angelos

Our "Work Lunches" series focuses on your non-traditional food establishments, the ones without brick and mortar locations. For nomenclature purposes, we'll call them Online Restaurants

Angelos Kitchen

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0809 488 4411. 0807 505 4455

FOLLY: This wasn't my first time having Angelos but Nosa never had it until recently. 

NOSA: I heard about it at my old job, but I was getting paid NYSC pennies so it was waaaay out of my budget.

FOLLY: My old boss is OG Angelo's queen, I wonder if she still orders from them. 

It's funny cause the day we decide to review them was my worst Angelo's experience ever. Like, what are the odds? 

 NOSA: The day we ordered them is the day I actually had to do work at the office so mine was a real late lunch. 

FOLLY: I ordered the Barbecue Chicken Wrap and Nosa had the Chicken Fajita. Thanks to the fact that they took 3 hours to deliver my order, this time, my wrap came cold. 


NOSA: Mine came super on time. I actually wished they'd come late.

What I loved about Angelo's all the other times I've ordered is that my toasted wrap still arrived warm. 

NOSA: I'm a huge fan of their packaging 


FOLLY: I warmed this up and it was okay. What I liked about it was that it didn't have too much barbecue sauce and there was more chicken than vegetables. However, I think I prefer their spicy chicken wrap. 


NOSA: My fajita wrap could have done with more guacamole because fajitas, duh. And I totally dug the little bag of Doritos it came with. It was on brand-ish given what I ordered. 


 FOLLY: I also decided to try one of their juices, this time, the orange and pineapple and sadly that arrived warm too. I put it in the fridge and forgot about it until the next day sadly :( 


NOSA: Got their juice once, but I made a mimosa with it so I can't tell you much about the quality of the juice. It was a great mimosa though. 



FOLLY: Angelo's is a solid lunch option if you work in the VI and Lekki area because that's within their free delivery zone. They deliver as far as Marina and Ikoyi too but I think they charge. They even also deliver to the mainland, but then they throw in a minimum order quantity. 

NOSA: If I had a job that paid me a liiiiiitle better, I'd probably do their sandwiches for lunch everyday like Folly's old boss. But alas, Nigeria.



Regular Barbecue Chicken Wrap - N1700

Regular Chicken Fajita Wrap - N2000

Orange & Pineapple (Small) - N450