Lilygate Hotel For Post-Work Drinks?

Lilygate Hotel

2 Olubunmi Owa Street, Lekki Phase One, Lagos.

FOLLY: It's been a while since we did that whole drive around Lekki and look for somewhere to eat. 

NOSA: Which is always a hard task because Lekki has so much and yet so little to offer when it comes to food.

FOLLY: We ended up at the Lilygate cause I was hungry. 

restaurant at lilygate hotel lekki

FOLLY: The initial plan was to get the African Platter to share and then split a main. On one hand, the African platter did sound like it'll be a lot of food and at the same time, the Lilygate is expensive as hell. Like Abuja prices in the middle of Lekki, I don't get it fam. 

NOSA: Do people actually stay at the hotel? Tbh, do people stay in any Lagos hotels?

FOLLY: Contents of the platter: asun, beef suya, puff-puff, chicken wings, and peppered snall. 

lilygate hotel african platter

FOLLY: Let me start by saying, I think this platter is great value for money. N8000 and three people could comfortably share this. 

NOSA: Yeah, thats about the only thing that's value for money. The drinks are outright robbery, but we'll get to that part in a bit. 

FOLLY: Nigerian food is very spicy so every single item in this with the exception of the puff-puff was extremely spicy especially the chicken.

suya lilygate hotel lekki food review

NOSA:  The puff puff was definitely my favorite thing in the platter. It reminded me of “buns” in Loyola.

FOLLY: The beef suya tasted more like mystery meat than beef and the suya spice wasn't the real deal and the snails, they were tender but could have been a little bit more soft. 

NOSA:  It was beef, just not suya. As “Not-Suya”, I thought this was pretty good. As suya, not so much. It’s like ordering rice but getting delicious risotto. The risotto is delicious, but you were expecting rice. That’s what this is like. 

food at lilygate hotel lekki

NOSA: Keeping the theme of things not being what you expect, the asun was DEFINITELY not baby goat. I’m not knocking it, but this is definitely from an adult goat. I know adult goat when I taste adult goat.

FOLLY: The asun was delicious, however, and was surprisingly the least spicy of the lot.

NOSA:  The wings are pretty weak and I really don’t want to talk about it any more.

Now, about the drinks. The cheapest drink on the menu costs 3000 Nigerian naira. Real naira, not Dasuki naira or anything. Lilygate must think they’re Churasco. 

FOLLY: The cocktails? Not worth it. For N3500 > per cocktail you should be using Mexican lemons, passionfruit etc. This was a scam of medicinal strawberry syrup and sugar. 

lilygate hotel cocktails

NOSA: I got the Long Island Iced Tea, which costs roughly about 4 shawarmas. 3ish, if you add sausage. I’d let this slide if this was a good Long Island or decent, at the very least. But nah, this just tasted like straight alcohol with a dash of coke in it. Actually, maybe that’s what they were going for. Either way, I’m not the target market. 


FOLLY: If you're already in Lekki, sure why not. If you aren't, I wouldn't travel for this. 

NOSA:  The platter is not bad on the whole, but bloody hell, the drinks are expensive. That, alone, kills this as a potential post-work drinking spot. Their happy hour doesn’t even shave off enough of the price.  



Daiquiri - N3000

Long Island - N4000

African Platter - N8000



It's a hotel, of course there's parking.