Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LVI

Subject: lasagna

Message: where can i get a decent spicy lasagna in Lagos on a sunday please?
— M.J

FOLLY: Vellvett, on any day of the week. 

Subject: Birthday Lunch/Dinner

Message: Hi guys. Great and enviable job you guys have.

it’s hubby’s birthday soon and he’s been insisting he doesn’t want a party/get-together so my initially planned surprise get together is out of the question.

He however never said anything about a small family lunch/dinner. Kindly advice on best and affordable locations to have a Sunday family lunch/dinner for 12-15 people.

— Y.O

NOSA: Deli's maybe?

FOLLY: I have no idea what type of cuisine you're gone for and I know now that affordability is relative. I'm going to assume that you want to spend less than N4000 per person and based on that I'll suggest you go to Crust & Cream

Subject: Business conference

Message: Hi guys,
I’m hosting an event for professionals from different industries. I need a space that I can rent for the night for 2 hours but won’t be as pricey as RSVP. We’ll also have cocktails and bites.

— A.S

NOSA: Social Place might be worth a shot. The can handle the food/drinks too.

FOLLY: The entire space? My old office really liked using Spice Route for these kinds of things. 

Subject: Help a sister!

Message: Hello Folly and Nosa

I need your help direly seeing that I’m in a fix. My birthday comes up in less than 2weeks. It’s a Friday but I can do either Friday or Saturday. Never planned to do anything but on a second thought, I’m like why not? If not for anything else, at least to get me fired up for a new year.

That been said, advise me as to which restaurant/ bar to use and what it would cost in naira and kobo as there’s no boyfriend and I’m the one paying.Nothing out of the ordinary because I’m on a budget.

6 close friends and 3 family members who understand that the buhari economy is tough so say about 10 people.
— J.E

FOLLY: Churchill is plenty affordable. I can't say what it'll cost because I don't know every single thing on their menu but you'll probably spend less than N25,000 if you don't go overboard. 

NOSA: Churchill will be super dodgy at night. This is a bit out there, but try the rooftop at Eko Hotel. If you get a couple platters and a bottle or two, you can have a decent evening.

Subject: Asking all them questions

Message: Hi,

Is it just me or all the EDL questions are pretty much similar. Everyone asking the same questions in different ways. The best thing to do right now might be to add a tab that talks about spots and says by $, $$, $$$ and Ambiance 0-5, 5-10 this, this and that location with this and that type of food. So by pricing, ambiance level and food.

That way people arent asking the same questions in 20 different ways. These days a part of me wants to skip the Ask EDL because I know what the questions and the answers will be. I know you guys put so much effort into asking the questions and i know nigerians dont read because most of the answers have been covered in previous Ask EDL.

But nonetheless, you guys are doing a great job!!!. Just my 0.002.
— T.T

FOLLY: You've read our minds. Thank you!

NOSA: We're actually working on this at the moment lol