EDL Weekender: Treat Yourself This Weekend


The weekend is here and so is our second installment of EDL Weekender. This weekend, we need you to ignore your wallet and just treat yourself. Look, Nigeria is hard so you need to treat yourself every once in a while.

FOLLY: If there's any truth to this, there's probably no rice at home. 

Conserve rice and eat out.  

EAT: Get a steak at 1415

NOSA: Talindo might pride itself on being the only steakhouse in Lagos, but the best steak in Lagos is a street away at 1415. Tucked in that Eko Hotel "compound" is Lagos' best steak. 

Yeah, I said it. 

 FOLLY: It was really really good both times we've had it. Also helps that the service is a dream. You'll actually feel that you're spending your money well.

DRINK: Make RSVP Poolside reservations

NOSA: RSVP Poolside is a very underrated rocks. Lagos people have flocked to Hard Rock in droves and to a lesser degree, 355. RSVP Poolside hasn't "casted" yet. 

FOLLY: You might not be able to snag a table last minute, in fact, I've never managed to get one for myself. However, sitting at the bar requires no reservation.

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