Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LII

A little housekeeping first. 

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Back to today's business...

Subject: The Big 30

Message: My sister is 30 in a few weeks and we are planning a birthday get together for about 30 people. we want formal, black tie, sit down dinner. Budget is about 250,000 to 350,000. we want EXCELLENT food, good ambience, VERY GOOD cocktails and a QUIET evening overall. please suggest your top three picks on the island. Thank you.
— O.I

NOSA: At 10k/head, you can streamline a menu at 1415 with just pasta and a couple cocktails. No dessert or starters. You'll definitely get the vibe you want. If you want to stretch your buck a bit, you'll have to go less formal. 

FOLLY: Maybe you could work something out with Nok by Alara, but you'd probably have to rent out the entire space. Lastly, I didn't enjoy the food at the Grillroom at the Wheatbaker but the restaurant is quiet and could definitely give you the vibe you're going for. 

Subject: Qualifying the eating spots

Message: Hi guys,

Love your blog and appreciate the ‘eating through the stuggles...:)

Soooo, I’ve been meaning to ask this question.
Does one meal a restaurant make?

If you order a meal-from starters to dessert, and you end up not liking the entree does it automatically disqualify the food at the restaurant as subpar?

Wouldn’t a more logical conclusion be arrived at after say two or three meals?
— N

NOSA: You're absolutely right to some degree. One meal doesn't make a restaurant, but there are certain items that dictate the overall quality of restaurant. It's the same way you can gauge the price of a restaurant by how much their Star is. Trust me, it works. Anything over N1000 always raises red flags. Look at Maison Fahrenheit

For me, it's a bit simple. Whenever we go out, I either order the most expensive thing on the menu or a popular dish in that particular cuisine. If your most expensive item is terrible, then the odds of the regular stuff being terrible are high. If you go to an Italian place and the pasta isn't al dente, what makes you think they'll make anything else better. If you can't do the thing you're in business for well, then you probably aren't good at anything else because if you were good at something else, you'd be in that business. 

There are outliers to this, I won't lie. Bonsai has rubbish sushi but a great cheesecake. That said, this works 7 or 8 times out of 10. We tried it with Cafe Royale. We kept going back to order something else to find a redeeming quality, but no, it was all terrible. 

FOLLY: At which point we only had ourselves to blame cause it was like we were flushing money down the toilet. 

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