Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XLV

A little housekeeping before we get to these questions.

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  • There's a TV show looking for female presenter. Preferably in her mid to late 20's. Show is about going across Nigeria to discover  "the taste and cuisine that is available locally". If you're interested, shoot us an email - editor[at]eatdrinklagos[dot]com

Now, that's out the way...

Subject: Nandos

Message: I am seriously craving Nandos and there I have no trip planned to the “overseas” in the next few months :( Any suggestions on the closest thing to Nandos chicken and sides in Lagos?
— J.F

FOLLY: Barcelos, technically, is the closest thing we have to Nandos in Nigeria. However, I haven't been in eons so I cannot vouch for the quality so Spurs is the next best option in my books. 

NOSA: I'm drawing blanks here. I can't think of anywhere.

Subject: Chinese Restaurant

Message: Hi,
Could you suggest any good Chinese restaurants in Lagos. I don’t have a budget and willing to spend anything for good Chinese food
Thank You
— O.O

FOLLY: Of the Chinese restaurants Nosa and I have been to in the last year and a half of EDL, Lihao and Zen Garden are my favorites.

NOSA: If you don't really care about the appearance, you can check out Ying Yang.

FOLLY: My parents absolutely love the Chinese restaurant at Oriental Hotel btw

Subject: Kenya in Nigera

Message: Bringing my Kenyan family over from Nairobi to Lagos for my traditional wedding.
Where can I take 25 people to eat good Nigerian food without breaking the bank

Can you do a special edition lunch/dinner club?

— R.W

FOLLY: A buka!

No,  seriously you should take your family to Terra Kulture.

NOSA: If your family is here this weekend, you can check out our brunch.