Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XLVIII

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Subject: Birthday Lunch

Message: Hi. My friend wants to have a birthday lunch for her 17th and we’re looking for a nice place on the mainland, or maybe island too. We basically need a small nice place that’s reasonably priced and where we can have fun too. Thanks.
— A.E


NOSA: Apapa Amusement Park? I mean, you're 17. What more can you do?

FOLLY: Orchid Bistro or Rhapsody's on the Mainland. 

NOSA: Bants aside, the restaurant in the Ikeja Sheraton is not a bad call either.

Hi Folly and Nosa, hope you guys are doing well? Great fan of your blog!

I’m planning on getting married in August, with just 50 people coming. I was hoping you could kindly recommend a restaurant that does a buffet and will be willing to accommodate us . I was thinking ‘The George’ as I really enjoyed their food the last time, but obviously, you guys have more experience in this field.

— G.D

NOSA: Congratulations!

FOLLY: Four Points cause I like the way their restaurant is sectioned so it could work well for your party. 

NOSA: Go with The George or Southern Sun.

Message: I’m turning 15 and I want a dinner
Something in VI
20-30 people max
Budget....well not too expensive but then they should be able to eat drink (actual drinks lol) and have desert maybe 🤔
— O.N

FOLLY: That's...

  1. A lot of people
  2.  15 isn't legal. 


NOSA: Do you parents know you're asking for alcohol on the internet?

FOLLY: Try 411 Restaurant, however. 

NOSA: Crust & Cream