Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XLVII

Subject: A Proper Date

Message: Looking for a place to go for a proper date.....something classy, not too crowded and with lovely ambience
— SK

NOSA: You should try Nok. It's plenty classy and the ambience is amazing. The food is a bit hit or miss. You either think it's the best thing ever or it's absolute garbage. 

FOLLY: RED Restaurant is gorgeous. 

Subject: 21st birthday

Message: Hi, I want to have a dinner for my 21st and I’m looking for a really nice restaurant. I saw that you recommended 1415 a lot but you said it’s quite expensive, about how much do u think it would cost for a party of like 10. Can you please recommend other really nice places
— Ola F.

NOSA: You can probably do starter + main at 6k/head at Basilico. The pasta is not as good as 1415, but it's good enough. The ambience is also pretty decent.

FOLLY: Budget about N12k per head for 1415.


Message: Hello guys,

My wife and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this Saturday (April 23) and I would like to take her to the best (lovely and romantic ambience, great food, quality service) restaurant in Lagos (preferably on the Island-Ikoyi-Lekki axis). Any suggestions???

NOSA: That's a big one. Congrats! You guys should go to Talindo. The service is excellent and I think red meat is an aphrodisiac or something.

FOLLY: Or 1415

Subject: 21st Birthday

Message: Hi . I’d like to cater for 11 people on my birthday , with a budget of 60,000. Please suggest a good place on the island to eat . Urmm , it’s dinner .
— YS

NOSA: Crust & Cream.

FOLLY: Sao Cafe.

Subject: Birthday Lunch

Message: Hi. My friend wants to have a birthday lunch for her 17th and we’re looking for a nice place on the mainland, or maybe island too. We basically need a small nice place that’s reasonably priced and where we can have fun too. Thanks.
— AE

NOSA: Orchid Bistro is perfect. Your group can sit in that outdoor area too. 

FOLLY: Yup, exactly what he said.