Insignia Has A Special Mother's Day Menu

NOSA: Mother’s Day is so stressful for me because we never really celebrated it in my household when I was little. Father’s Day too. Then, I went to college and my mother called me one fine Sunday to ask why I didn’t wish her “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Mad confused, fam.  And there are like two of them too. One is British and the other is American. Stress.

FOLLY: Mother's Day is also hella stressful for me too, but that's not why we're here.

NOSA: Anyway, don’t be a terrible son like me. Do something for your mother this Sunday. Take her somewhere nice. This Mother's Day, Insignia has a killer 3-course menu.

FOLLY: Personally, I'd go for the salmon because salmon is always BAE. Sadly, I'm not a mother so no one is going to take me to Insignia come Sunday 😟.

Actually, I wonder if non mother-child pairs could still get the same deal or do I have to bring a birth certificate? Obvs, I'm kidding no birth certificates are required. 

NOSA: I’d have taken my mum because she loves her some Bailey’s, but she left me in Lagos to die so she’ll have to settle for a text with “I love you” in it. Don’t give those out often. 

FOLLY:  I like how chapman is also an option for those that don't drink, how very thoughtful. 

NOSA: Insignia is at 13 Kasumu Ekemode St, Victoria Island, Lagos

To reserve a table for Mother's Day, 


Phone: 0903 749 79910706 828 2250