We Checked Out The New La Taverna Menu

NOSA: If you follow us on Snapchat, you probably caught this. If you don't, here you go


 FOLLY: Our snapchat gets out of hand sometimes. 

NOSA: As a result of our Lunch Club at La Taverna and our numerous subsequent visits, we've become friends with Chef Cristian. So when he decided to rejig the La Taverna menu, he invited us (and a few others) for a little tasting session.

For obvious reasons, this is not a review but this doesn't mean you can't drool over the pictures. 

FOLLY: I will review his cocktail though. He made it himself, and it was delicious. 


NOSA: The new additions:

  • Chicken empanadas
  • Prawn "Pie" in a sea shell (I forget the official name for this)
  • Shrimp & Calamari
  • Patatas Bravas


NOSA: The mains were:

  • Potato Cake
  • Pimiento Relleno (stuffed bell peppers)
  • Chicken Wrapped in Parma Ham
  • Salmon Del Sur
  • Pork RIbs


NOSA: For dessert, we had a Mango Mousse.