Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXXVII

5 more sleeps to Valentine's Day 2016, but who's counting though? Are you going to #blessed or are you going to #roast. 

We put together this list for where to take your special one for Valentine's Day this year.  But if you're worried about the prices on some of these Lagos restaurants, Nosa has been preaching gelato dates since Hans & Rene opened up shop. We also got wind of this amazing Insignia offer for Valentine's Day and it's easily the best deal we've seen this period.

Anyways, on to the subject of the day. 

Subject: Team Bonding

Message: Hi Folly and Nosa,

My colleages and I are looking for somewhere to bond this friday evening after completing a very tedious assignment.

Please can you suggest a restaurant/space that would be nice for light team bonding activities after work hours. Somewhere with a nice view and good food/drinks.

We won’t mind your suggestions on activities too :D

Thank you guys :*
— C.O

NOSA: You sound like you work for KPMG.

FOLLY: Radisson Blu Surface Bar? Their cocktails are really good. 

NOSA: I'd day Long Bar, but I don't think Nigerians like being in expat bars so go with Radisson or the Oriental Hotel bar. 

Can you please recommend a nice place to go on a first date ? Thank you
— Y.

NOSA: Depends on the nature of the relationship. If you don’t want to give off “serious” vibes, you can try Hans & Rene. If you want to marry this person, try 1415 in Eko Signature

Subject: Where to host a “Going away party” ?

Message: Hi guys,
Great job you both are doing!
I would like to find out where I can host a going away party for a lady, about 20-25 guests expected. I would like a classy place with good food and GREAT PRICE. Somewhere on the island please.
Keep up the good work!
— Y.O

FOLLY: I read that and was going suggest pizza night at La Taverna. However, I don't think pizza is classy food. Is classy food wine and steak?

NOSA: You can't get classy place AND good food AND great price. Something has to give. Idk why you guys like doing this to yourselves. That said, try Talindo Steakhouse

Subject: 25th birthday dinner venue

Message: Good morning,
I’d be celebrating my 25th birthday next week Friday and I need ideas on where to have dinner with about 20friends..somewhere cool,simple,classy,not too expensive and where I can take good pictures.
Thank you
— A.O

FOLLY: Sounds like you wanna stunt for the 'gram huh? My recommendation is Verandah, there's lots of natural light so there's no way your pictures won't bang. The restaurant itself isn't fancy but it's cute. 

NOSA: What she said. 

This last question isn't like one of our normal "asks", but I figure one of our readers might be able to help.

Hello Eat Drink Lagos. My name is Oyindamola. I am a follower on instagram and I am a Film Maker. I worked with a camera crew at the last eat drink Lagos festival.

I must confess, your team are really doing great, and I love what you do. I know you are attaining greater heights.

I want to ask if you can help me with a situation. There is this chef I met during my NYSC in Jos Plateau State last year. As at then he was the head chef of Gupsy’s Delight, a contemporary restaurant owned by Kevin and Elisabeth Pam. The first winner of the Big Brother Africa.

The restaurant was one of the top restaurants in Jos until it was recently relocated back to Tanzania. This has left this guy out of work. Since I have worked with him, I know his capacity as a very great chef because I was the manager of the restaurant for six months.

Please I want to ask if your company recruits chef for restaurants or if any of the restaurant you work with is in need of a chef. I am so confident that this guy will represent the interest of your brand.
I look forward to hearing from you.

And if you need to reach him directly you can reach him on 08028691891. His name is Joseph. (JoeChef)
— Oyindamola