The Lunch Club Reviews FAT bastard Wine

FOLLY: If you were at the Eat.Drink.Festival, you may have run into the Fat Bastard stand - they were doing free wine tastings. Free wine is hard to miss, unless of course you’re purposefully avoiding it, then blank stare. 

NOSA: Apparently, they sold out so obviously you guys saw it.

You’re probably wondering what the deal is with the name. Well, according to the absolutely reliable WIkipedia,

The wine is reported to have started off as an experiment, and when Thierry Boudinaud tasted the wine he proclaimed "now that is what you call a fat bastard"

FOLLY: Anyways, the tastings at the Eat.Drink.Festival so well that the guys wanted to send us a few bottles to share with our readers and learn what they think.

NOSA: A little EDL Focus Group.

FOLLY: Nosa remembered what we did here at Vellvett with Honey’s Cupcakes and suggested we bring the wines to Lunch Club for a wine tasting using all the knowledge we acquired from our actual wine tasting Lunch Club.

NOSA: I spent my time drinking and learning nothing at that Lunch Club

FOLLY: You're a delinquent.

NOSA: At our wine tasting, there was a good deal of talk about wine corks. If you noticed, FAT bastard has a screwcap and not a traditional cork. Well, there's a good reason for that, screwcap snobs.

Although there tends to be a romantic image of popping a traditional cork, the truth is that cork taint (wine spoilage due to faulty corks) affects up to 7% of wine bottled with cork. Screwcaps prevent cork taint, and preserve wine freshness more evenly.

NOSA: For our little focus group, we had our guests leave their comments on their placecards. Some of them wanted to be real anonymous so they tore off the name side of the placecard lol.

FOLLY: To ensure our guests got the fully flavor of the wines, we paired the Chardonnay with the Scent Leaf Chicken Curry and the Merlot with the Chicken Suya Satay Sticks.

Scent Leaf Chicken Curry

Scent Leaf Chicken Curry

Chicken Suya Satay Sticks

Chicken Suya Satay Sticks

Here’s what they all thought of FAT bastard

U. I: Fair acidity, flat finish.

D: Could be a lot better

M.Y: Red is drinkable :)

N: The Merlot was just there.

D: White wine was ok.

K.I:  [The Chardonnay was] NICE

D.D: The white was better than the red, but both wines are smooth. The name is good.

SUPER ANON GUEST II: Just okay. Tasted a little flat

SUPER ANON GUEST I: I liked it! :)

I.O: I tried Fat Bastard at the Eat.Drink.Festival and wasn’t sure about it but tried the chardonnay again today and I really liked it this time.

SUPER ANON GUEST IV: I preferred the white wine. It was full bodied.

I.A: I liked the white wine, was better than average


F.A: I still had some wine left over when my dessert arrived (the crepe cake) and it paired very well with it. Very nice.

M.Y: The white paired well with dessert.  

N: The Chardonnay was okay. I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try out new wine.

Check out Fat Bastard’s Instagram page to learn more about the wine and where you can buy it locally