The Official IJGB* Guide to Lagos - 2016 Edition

*IJGB (I Just Got Back)

IJGB /eye-jay-gee-bee/ 

The official term used to denote a fresher in Lagos. One who has probably just hopped off a plane at Murtala Mohammed Airport and is ready to pioneer all possible rocks in Lagos. 

Another Christmas, eh? You IJGBs are back in time with your FX stimulus package. Since you've been away, our President has tried to kill us. I can't even laugh at you guys when you ask for the MTN recharge code again. Lagos has done a proper number on us. 

Oh well, while you were away, Lagos changed. Here's the lowdown on what's popping.


Where to Eat

Craft Gourmet

Craft Gourmet is the new IT restaurant right now. Remember RSVP when they opened? Yeah, that's Craft now. Sunday brunch at Craft Gourmet is the new Southern Sun Sundays (Southern Sun prices are too much abeg). They have the perfect lighting for all your Instagram and Snapchat tensioning. 


BL Restaurant

BL Restaurant has the worst restaurant name in Lagos. They also have the best hummus in Lagos and a top 5 pizza so it all evens out. Oh, the ribs at BL are to die for. 


Where to Drink


Cocktail bars have never been a thing in Lagos, have they? Honestly can't remember. But then again, I only 3/4 years of proper Lagos experience. Either way, Zenbah should probably be your pregame move if you have no hands at SIP. You know you IJGBs like speaking english when they bounce you.  


My Coffee

Lagos got ANOTHER coffee shop. It's significantly more expensive, but My Coffee has better "food" options. 


Where to... Lagos?



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