EDL Weekender: Food Festivals and Car Shows

EAT: Fiesta of Flavours

NOSA: Food festivals are the move this weekend. There's like 3 of them, I think, but Fiesta is probably the one we'll check out because our fave, Heels in the Kitchen, will be concluding her Fusion tour there. 

FOLLY: Fiesta of Flavours is at Harbour Point on Sunday + Monday. You'll have to pay N1000 to get in.


DRINK: Pop Your Bubble Tii Cherry

NOSA: If you've never tried Bubble Tii, this weekend is probably a good weekend to start. 

FOLLY: I will confess I've never had it, but I've always want to try bubble tea. 


LAGOS: Classic Car Day

EMEKA*: Calling all vintage car lovers!  Had a glimpse of some vintage rides that will be there and they're too sweet! Can't wait to see all the cars thats come out for the day. Looking forward to taking pictures with them like they're mine. 

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