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Subject: Ask EDL

Message: Hi

Did you know that for whatever Lagos Restaurant you google, the number one search result is always your blog? ;-) I love it!

My husband and I are European and are not particularly into Nigerian food. Our best friends are a Nigerian couple that are the opposite: they only eat Nigerian food (they said that next time they go abroad, they’ll actually bring their Jollof...). Anyway, what place on the island can we all go to together that will satisfy our respective tastes?

— Manu

FOLLY: Thank you and yes, I do and it makes me quite giddy with excitement when I test it out sometimes, lol. 

NOSA: SEO game is out here. 

FOLLY: Maybe Craft Gourmet could help you meet them in the middle. It's not Nigerian food per say but they offer a lot of rice and red curry dishes that will appeal to Nigerians. (ps. The curries aren't cooked in an Indian style). They also have beef stir fry and the Senegalese Chicken Yassa, if your Nigerian friends stick to this portion of the menu they'll love it.

And then you and your husband can try something more adventorous from the Craft menu - pulled lamb/chicken/goat burger, tacos, beef shawarma platter etc. 

NOSA: If your friends were adventurous, I’d say NOK because it’s a good middle ground. But since they only eat Nigerian food, they’ll absolutely detest NOK. Perfect middle ground would be a hotel restaurant. Those tend to be more “continental” with their menus. Of the lot, I’d recommend Wheatbaker or Southern Sun. 

Or you can listen to Folly and try Craft Gourmet

Subject: Anniversary Dinner for 2

Message: Hi guys. Please could give me options of where my hubby and I could celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary dinner?
Some where in the main land or island would be good.

FOLLY: Congratulations. 

Mainland - Orchid Bistro

Happy Anniversary! 

NOSA: If you really want to treat yourselves, you should check out Tarragon in Ikoyi. You can dress up and go on a proper date like old times. 

If you want something safer, check out Velvett or Orchid Bistro.

Subject: Birthday

Message: Hi Folly and Nosa,
I love what you guys do, keep up the good work.
I’m a foodie so I connect with you guys on a certain level, lol.
My birthday is coming up soon, I’d like a place with good food, great ambiance ( as the pictures for the gram has to be lit) lol but also good music.
I don’t want one of those stuck up birthdays, I want to have fun with my friends. I’m open to trying new things. Prefably on the island, expected guest is 10-15 people. I usually don’t do anything for my birthday cos I think it’s a waste of money. But this year I have a lot to be grateful for hence my reason for wanting to celebrate. I just want to have fun. Budget 100-120k
Looking forward to your reply.
Best Regards
— Zee J

FOLLY: Bottles. 

NOSA: Hard Rock, if you really want to have fun and good food isn’t too important. 

RSVP Poolside, if it’s on a weekend and food isn’t necessary.

Sao Cafe, if you want something in the middle.

Subject: Send forth

Message: Hi guys,
So I’ve been assigned the task of finding a location on the island preferably on Victoria Island for purpose of sendforth for a colleague. The budget is 8k per head for 15 people.
A nice calm atmosphere would be nice. It’s an after-work affair on a Friday. Any suggestions?

— Made
Subject: Birthday.

Message: Hi, Folly & Nosa. I like what you guys do and how you have fun with it. Keep it up!
So I’m gonna be 23 on 7th of December, and I’m clueless on where to go with like 10 of my friends. Somewhere we can have fun. I was thinking of a park with all those roller coaster rides and all or a nice lounge we can just chill, drink, eat and have fun.
I just want a fun place where we can eat too? Have any ideas ? Thanks!

FOLLY: LOL roller coaster rides?

NOSA: Roller-what?

FOLLY: When you decide to be serious, go to Vellvett. 

NOSA: Happy birthday sha. 

But yeah, check out Vellvett.