#EatDrinkFestival: Take Three

FOLLY: In exactly 22 days, which isn't a very long time, #EatDrinkFestival returns with an extra festive edition powered by Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers.

NOSA: Shout out to the pension plug.

NOSA: Lagos’ favorite (I'd say "biggest" but someone already took that one) food festival returns bigger and better at an all new location in Eko Atlantic.

FOLLY: Eko Atlantic is beautiful and I'm sure there's no better location in Lagos for Festival than Eko Atlantic. Maybe, TBS but it's rough. We've definitely hit the location jackpot if you ask me. 


FOLLY: We've actually challenged ourselves to do more for the Festival and make it an all round great experience. (Yes, we've fixed parking)

NOSA: This time we have a lot more vendors and a lot more variety.

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FOLLY: We've actually almost doubled the number of vendors.

NOSA: Beyond the incredible lineup of vendors, the festival will feature brand new activities for guests looking for a more immersive festival experience:

Pop-Up Restaurants

A selection of Lagos’ fast casual restaurants will be serving in-house favorites for guests at the festival.

Festival Playground

Eat.Drink.PLAY. There will be fun games, and "Drink Responsibly" games, and a space to picnic. This one is actually Nosa's favorite new addition because he's been trying to make Flip Cup a thing in Lagos.

Tasting Tent

The tasting tent will feature select pours from participating partners and a variety of mini activities such as wine and bourbon tastings. If you’re looking to get tipsy, this might be the one for you.

FOLLY: Last thing, #EatDrinkFestival is nothing without the sponsors. This time, we're proud to be supported by Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers, Eko Atlantic, Jumia Food, Maggi, Thermocool, Drinks.ng, Yaji Box, American Honey, Doculand, Taxify, Garmspot and The Artisan’s Gift Company.