We get a lot of questions from readers in DMs, emails, comments about dining in Lagos. We usually answer these questions every Tuesday in our Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos posts.

At the same time, a lot of people ask us 'have you guys thought of getting an app?'. We've not been able to figure out what an app will do differently than the blog. There's no point building something that regurgitates the site's content . Maybe we'll figure it out one day, but until then, we'll take some steps in that direction.

The guys at Hello World reached out to us sometime last year about making a bot for the blog. The bot is designed to help our readers get answers to their questions about dining in Lagos on the go. 

All the backstory out the way, meet EAT.DRINK.BOT

Bot Interface 1

Our little Bot is built to answer any simple questions you might have about dining in Lagos. For now, it will help you find a restaurant in Lagos based on location, budget and party size. 

Bot Interface 2

It's pretty much like sending a text message to either one of us.  It's not Siri though so don't try to have any funky conversations with it cause it'll just direct you back to where you want to eat. 

Interface 3

Check out and give it a spin. Let us know if you find any bugs or suggestions for future updates.