What to Expect at #EatDrinkFestival 2.1: The Maggi Experience

We've talked about how this Festival is a lot different from the others and it this point we’re reaching broken record territory, but it feels necessary to emphasize. In addition to all the other new things we’re having this year, we’ll have live cooking demos. 

Yup, this is as official as a food festival gets. 

One of our new partners this year is Maggi and they’ve been key in making this happen. For their first Festival, they’re pulling out all the stops and bringing the live cooking demo to the Festival. 

Not just that, they’re bringing big time foodie, Chigul, to actually cook at the stand. We’re pretty excited about this bit because we all know how hilarious Chigul is.

The Maggi team will be handing out recipe cards to guests interested in recreating their creations at the tent.

it’s not too late to cancel that trip to the village and join us on the 27th.