Jumia Food Wants to Ease that IJGB Transition with a 20% Discount

As much as you want to deny it, "IJGB Season" is a thing and the term 'IJGB' is here to stay. Did you see footage of the Migos' concert last night? 

No way those are aren't IJGBs because the rest of us had work this morning. You know who else agrees IJGB Season is a thing? Jumia Food. 

Just use the discount code “IJGB20” to get 20% off your order on Jumia Food.  Simple as that. 

Like we mentioned in this year's IJGB Guide, a lot has changed since you IJGBs were last here. Especially Jumia Food. Obviously, it's no longer called Hello Food for one. Secondly, the platform has upped their game and currently has couple of blog favorites, like Craft Gourmet, Shawarma & Co., Bistro 7, and Terra Kulture, on it. 


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