Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXXIII

NOSA: This is a day behind schedule and that's my fault, but better late than never, no?

Subject: Family Dinner

Message: Hi guys!
I’m trying to plan a family dinner for about 20-30 people. Adults, kids, grandma.
I was thinking maybe Crust & Cream, but just wanted to get some advice.
Really good food, nothing too fancy but a cosy, aesthetically pleasing space? About 8-10k per person?
— A D

NOSA: You're right, Crust & Cream fits the bill

FOLLY: Co-sign, Crust & Cream sounds about right. 

Subject: Restaurant for a private dinner

Message: Please I am looking for a spot on the island where a family can host their dad and 29 other people to a private dinner in a nice, upscale restaurant. Any cuisine is fine, from Italian to Chinese. Please help with any suggestions. Thanks
— Chisom Henry

NOSA: You should consider RED.

FOLLY: Spice Route.

Subject: Christmas Brunch

Message: Hi Guys. I was wondering where a person goes for Christmas brunch in Lagos. My family has done The Brasserie at Four Points for a while and wanted to try somewhere different.
— O. K.

NOSA: If Four Points is your regular, I suggest you try Southern Sun or The Wheatbaker.

FOLLY: Wheatbaker.

Subject: Dinner on the mainland

Message: Hi!
It’s my mum’s birthday on Wednesday and I want to take her and my brother out to dinner. I had my mind set on Zen Garden because I thought it was the same as Pearl Garden in VI but after your review I’m not so sure. Could you suggest some place on the mainland pls.
— S M

NOSA: Zen Garden and Pearl Garden are more or less the same. I really don't think there's a difference. 

Subject: Private Caterer/Chef for small event

Message: Hi guys! I know this is super last minute and I’m not sure if you can help but please I’m looking for a caterer for Christmas Day. For a group of 30 guests and quite an extensive menu/buffet option. 10-15k per head and should include starters (like salads) and mains. I know you’ve worked with some private chefs for your lunch clubs that’s why I’m asking. Please please would appreciate the help! ASAP! Thank you :)
— CE

NOSA: My go-to for things like this is Chef Imoteda. She had the experience and she's pretty creative with budgets. If you want to try someone new, there's Anu Bello. She's a sous chef at Craft Gourmet and I had her dinner a couple days ago. She's pretty good, but doesn't have the experience.

Actually, just go with Imoteda. I don't want you gambling. 

Please where can one order special delicacies’ to be delivered in time for Christmas with options to choose from with positive reviews and recommendations.

Thank you much
— Anon

NOSA: You might need to be a bit more specific.

FOLLY: No idea what you're asking for tbh.